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Miguel Ruager, Founder and Owner of Ruager Contracting LLC has been in the construction and remodeling industry for over 20 years. Our business started off as a small 3-man operation with common sense, a hard-working mentality, and the desire to be an honest service provider. In these 20 years since Miguel founded his construction company, many things have changed; including the name of the company, number of employees, expansion of services, and an ever-increasing bar at which we and our clients set.
Along with the expansion in services and growing company came the addition of two employees who have been involved since the very beginning, Sebastian and Misael Ruager. In 2019 Ruager Contracting became an LLC and we streamlined our services and insurances to better meet the needs of our consistently growing client base. Moving forward our prerogative is to continue to provide excellent service while adapting and growing with the fast-paced home renovation industry

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